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Wonderhouse LLC

The Heart of Wonderhouse LLC is Philanthropy

Wonderhouse LLCWhile the business of Wonderhouse LLC is to assist with project funding and cash management. the company has an even more important focus. Wonderhouse LLC seeks to improve their communities and the world by focusing energy, time, and money into their philanthropic endeavors. Wonderhouse LLC invests in growth businesses and industry in order to open job opportunities for at least 100,000 individuals. Wonderhouse LLC knows that work is what puts food on the table, and it is committed to helping keep the children fed.

According to UNICEF, ”Every day, on average more than 26,000 children under the age of five die around the world, mostly from preventable causes… In up to half of under-five deaths an underlying cause is under-nutrition, which deprives a young child’s body and mind of the nutrients needed for growth and development.”

The work of Wonderhouse LLC, and thousands of individuals and companies, Nourish the Children has resulted in over 230 million meals served to starving children. Wonderhouse LLC is comprised of philanthropists who care. This care for helping others in need is revealed throughout the organization.

CEO Robert Storey is a positive example of the Wonderhouse LLC philanthropy philosophy. As a Wonderhouse LLC executive, Storey contributed to his community by working with various charities, giving of his time and energy as well as his money. He promoted funding for cancer research to help develop treatments for many different types of cancer. He worked with Save the Children, advocating medical care, food, and education for children throughout the world.

Wonderhouse LLC encourages employees in their philanthropic pursuits. Whether it is a family member, a friend, a neighbor down the street, or strangers with needs across the ocean, there is little that is more important than helping to improve the lives of others. Wonderhouse LLC seeks to leave a legacy not of a company where profits were the main goal, but one that left a positive influence in the world.

Whether in the business sphere helping companies improve their business process or in in the philanthropic sphere helping charities make lives better for those in need, Wonderhouse LLC strives for excellence and the betterment of humankind.

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